Vendor Policy

Indiana ACDIS Vendor Policy

1. The Indiana ACDIS Chapter does not formally endorse any sponsor or participating vendor.  Sponsorship of the Indiana Chapter of ACDIS in no way implies an endorsement from National ACDIS nor any obligations on behalf of either National ACDIS or the sponsor. 

2.  The Indiana Chapter of ACDIS welcomes full vendor sponsorship of our conferences, including full participation and attendance. 

3. The Indiana Chapter of ACDIS welcomes vendors to present content driven sessions at our conferences. 

4. The Indiana Chapter of ACDIS maintains a log of vendor involvement that includes:

  • Name of the company
  • Name of company contact
  • Contact email, phone and mailing address
  • Nature of involvement
    • If sponsoring, provide a description and estimate the cost of the donation
    • If a speaker, include a description of the content
  • Date of vendor participation

5. The Indiana Chapter of ACDIS shall communicate the vendor log as outlined above to the National ACDIS Associate Director via email.

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