The name of this state chapter of the Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists shall be the Indiana Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists, herein referred to throughout these bylaws as ACDIS and IN ACDIS.


The purpose of IN ACDIS is to operate on a not-for-profit basis within the meaning of 501(c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code, and as a component state association of ACDIS, to promote excellence in clinical documentation for the benefit of patients and providers.

  1. Promote the professional development of individuals in the clinical documentation improvement profession in the Indiana region.
  2. Convene meetings of the membership for the purpose of continuing education and professional development of clinical documentation specialists.
  3. Conduct such other activities as may be consistent with the purpose of ACDIS or IN ACDIS as stated herein.


All Health Care Professionals are eligible to join.  Currently there are no dues, but this is subject to change per majority vote. 


ACDIS agrees to:

  1. List all state alliances on its Web site
  2. Provide a link to the LOCAL CHAPTER Web site on that page (if the chapter maintains a Web site)
  3. Post organizational information on its Web site and other networking mediums subject to internal policies as well as space and resource limitations
  4. Provide official members of the LOCAL CHAPTER a discount on national membership
  5. Facilitate networking opportunities at the ACDIS national conference
  6. Provide a CD of one ACDIS audio conference per year free of charge for use at a local chapter event
  7. Donate one ACDIS product (at the discretion of the association leadership) to IN ACDIS for IN ACDIS’ use

IN ACDIS agrees to:

  1. Elect at least three leadership members (not from within the same hospital network) who are currently ACDIS members to act as liaisons between the parties
  2. Provide and update information regarding
    1. Leadership and contact information
    2. Organizational information
    3. Meeting information
    4. New member application processes
  3. Include the ACDIS logo and link to the national site (if the chapter maintains a web site)
  4. Share with the national organization, ACDIS, the list of IN ACDIS members


Three ACDIS Leadership members are required to serve as primary liaisons between the local chapter members and the national organization.  Leaders/liaisons must illustrate a commitment to the profession by maintaining ACDIS membership. Only those members in good standing may be eligible to hold elected office.  The local chapter leadership may be self-nominated.  There is no limit on number of terms an individual may hold office, but may not hold multiple offices at one time.

The immediate past Leadership will serve as leadership resource for incoming officers.

Additional officers such as secretary, treasurer, or event coordinator, may also be chosen either at the discretion of the president and vice president or by membership’s popular vote.

Leadership as ACDIS members in good standing are expected to:

  1. Abide by the ethical practices outlined in the ACDIS Code of Ethics and to encourage the ethical practices of their fellow CDI specialists
  2. Set a tone of camaraderie and inclusiveness for the furtherance of the CDI profession
  3. Employ and promote the capabilities of local members to enhance professional development of chapter members

ACDIS does expect elected representative to fulfill certain obligations to its membership and to the national organization. These include the following:

  1. The President should work with the Vice President, Secretary and local chapter members to facilitate the educational and networking needs of its membership by:
    1.  Leadership should participate in the ACDIS sponsored local chapter leadership forums (quarterly conference calls).  These calls are offered to promote networking among chapter leaders, foster chapter-building strategies, and discuss ideas and potential meeting topics with other local chapter leaders around the country.
  2. Establishing appropriate meeting frequency and length to meet members’ needs.  ACDIS   recommends meeting quarterly at a minimum; some chapters meet monthly or bi-monthly.
  3. Setting and maintaining a regular meeting calendar.
  4. Determining the format of the meetings.  Meetings can be conducted via teleconference, face-to-face, or some combination of the two.
  5. Assisting event hosts with procuring a speaker and web-ex access.
  6. Acting as a liaison to the national association. This includes keeping ACDIS updated on meetings and bringing any problems to the attention of ACDIS national leadership.
  7. Keeping meeting minutes to insure an adequate record of past meetings
  8. At least two members (one being current leadership role) will be involved with the Chapter bank account and will submit quarterly financial reports to INACDIS Leadership. Also, will address at quarterly Chapter meetings.
  9. The INACDIS designated Leader(s) is the only person who may write checks on behalf of the organization. INACDIS Leadership will be made aware of all expenditures.
  10. All financial records will be kept for a minimum of 3 years.


INACDIS has bi-annual meetings via host site or conference call:

  1. Meetings are held in the Spring and the Fall. Date and time to be determined by the Leadership and announced 30 days in advance of meeting.
  2. INACDIS Leadership responsibilities include:
    1. Obtain a phone line to be used for the conference call
      1. Develop an agenda preferably 30 days prior and no later than 2 weeks prior to meeting date
      2. Apply to ACDIS for CCDS-CEU certification preferably 30 days prior to meeting date
      3. Send out an Agenda 1 week prior to meeting date
      4. Facilitate the conference call
      5. Maintain the attendance for the meeting
    2. Send out CEU certificate to members in attendance
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